Posted by: MetroCare | March 9, 2010

Got Hiccups?

This being my first post as an official “blogger”, I have a few questions.

*Raises Hand*

Yes, Laurie?

What do people in my audience want to know? Would they rather be entertained or educated? If educated, where to start?  There’s so much to share about changing Medicare regulations, beginning caregivers’ list of must-haves, cool places to retire, coping with diabetes or other chronic illness, protecting children with asthma, oxygen therapy, oh I could just write a book!  If they want to be entertained, well…I do have an entertainment background, but indeed in the background…not on stage.  A joke? A recipe? A cure for hiccups? (This I have and can vow that so far it has worked for every person every time!)

Go with what you know, Laurie, and have fun.  It’s your first post, nobody’s reading yet anyways.

OK then…hiccups it is.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in a fit of uncontrollable diaphragm spasms, try this amazing cure for the hiccups:

Step 1.  You need a friend to help you.

Step 2.  Hiccup-er stands on knees with head tilted back, eyes closed, both arms raised shoulder height, straight out to either side, and held parallel to the floor.  Feel vulnerable yet?  Hope you trust your friend!

Step 3.  OK, this is where the magic happens.

Step 4.  Friend holds a glass of room temp water, no ice, while also holding your nose for you. Open your mouth, close your eyes and TRUST.

Step 5.  Friend gently pours water into your mouth while holding your nose, you should drink as  much as you can, the entire glass if possible – without taking a breath.

Step 6. When you can no longer hold your breath or drink, waive your hand to indicate to your friend to stop pouring.


Step 8.  Stand up! You are now hiccup free!

Silly? Yes.

But I hope this tried and true cure for the hiccups helps to illustrate the unique dance that exists between caregivers and their loved ones.  There is a desire to heal on both sides, there is a bond of trust that no progress can be made without, and there are great lengths taken to co-operate and communicate when sometimes words aren’t available.  A new language  develops between them, a sense of one-ness, and when the steps to the dance are finally perfected by each, gratitude, purpose, and worth are the results.

See you next time my friends,





  1. ooh, a new one to try! we were just talking about this last week in training.

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