Posted by: MetroCare | April 6, 2010

Questionable Medical Devices

I found this old video from Late Night with David Letterman where Dave interviews a museum curator from Minnesota who collects antique or seized medical devices that in all truth never should have been invented!  I’ve shared it on our YouTube channel (MetroCareHME) and at the end of this post.    I think you’ll get a kick out of it.

It seemed especially relevant to me today given our federal government’s recent efforts to control health care costs.   Many physicians, equipment providers, hospitals, etc… have fallen under the microscope as perpetrators of  “waste, fraud, and abuse”.  Most agree this chant is merely a fear tactic to sway public opinion and garner support for cutting reimbursement rates.  However, I thought it would be amusing and therapeutic to take a look at the real face of medical “waste, fraud, and abuse” as presented in the video.

We have seen the good that our industry is doing by providing equipment patients need to convalesce in their homes, surrounded by family, and in an environment that promotes emotional as well as physical comfort.  Hospitals are relieved of the burden to care for these patients who choose a home environment. Overall the quality of care at home is better for mind, body, and spirit.  So we lift our heads high and are proud of the job we do, the mark we make on our community, and our commitment to keep caring for you and your family no matter what the climate in Washington is like.

Laughter is good medicine and THAT is a scientific fact.  Listen to some of the ridiculous devices these charlatans managed to convince us were necessary…

Imagine European sunglasses that make you lose weight just by wearing them!

The  ‘science’ of Phrenology (the idea that your character can be determined by the shape of your head) and the companion ‘head measuring’ device and resulting character summary printout!

An electric belt for male potency!

Pump your way to larger breasts!

A cooling device to keep your brain from getting too hot!

“This is the most unheard of thing I’ve ever heard of” – Joseph McCarthy



  1. Can you please look up the HCPC code for the brain warmer??? My brain feels a little to cool today…TeeHeeHee. Should we add this to our online catalog…be the first on the block.

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